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LUCY SCOTT, Bespoke Cake Maker


My name is Lucy Scott. I'm a wife and mother of five wonderful children. I believe being a mummy is the best job in the world but being a cake maker is a very close second. I love how baking brings people together, puts smiles on kids faces and creates delicious moments for everyone to enjoy! 


Growing up, my mum always handmade our birthday cakes and this is where the love of baking started for me. My mum is my work inspiration because she put so much time, love and attention into her bakes and it made each birthday so special. My mum is still a big part of Beauty Bake as my wise advisor and biggest fan. 


I have now been a cake baker for approximately seven years and it has been such an amazing journey so far.  I started baking as a hobby and as the business grew this hobby became my dream job. Beauty Bake is now my full-time job - thanks to the support of so many cake lovers out there - thank you, you guys are awesome! 


The name Beauty Bake was inspired by my beautiful five children - Anthony, Katie, Tommy, Bobby and Albie. So, I was passionate about including all five of the children's initials in the company name. I'm even hoping to train my daughter Katie to work alongside me in the family business one day.


I hope you enjoy my website and I look forward to making you some bespoke scrumptious cakes soon!


Love Lucy x  

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